Rubber Handle Grips Sleeve and Silicone Cover

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Rubber Handle Grips Sleeve Images

Silicone rubber handle grips sleeve,which are made from elastomeric silicone rubber materials as a sleeve cover for metal or plastic handles(some is metal & plastic + silicone rubber overmolding handle grip).

rubber handle cover feature: Anti-slip designs, heatproof, and electric insulation etc.

common silicone rubber handle cover & sleeves: bicycle & motorcycle handle sleeve, golf grip sleeve, hammer handle sleeve, baseball bat sleeve, tennis racket sleeve, croquet mallets grip sleeve, wheelbarrow handle, handbrake handle sleeve, pot & pan handle sleeve.

Handle cover & grips materials: Silicone, Neoprene, EPDM, PVC, Rubber etc.

1. Texture surface:  in aim to increase friction against the hand (anti-slip effects)
2. Matte smooth:  for a good touch feeling, anti-dust effects,  some for screen printing, spray painted on covers, which also can reduce silicone rubber handle grips parting line and rubber flashing.

Other handle/ grips we used to made

Our Service

  • Custom size to suit for customers’ requirements
  • 20~85 Shore A hardness for your choice
  • Multiple color available
  • Custom logo accepted ( engraved & embossed)
  • Large quantity order are able to be fulfilled
  • Strict quality control system


  • Yes. We’re a manufacturer in China for over 18 years, located in Shenzhen city.
  • We’ glad to provide 2~3pcs free samples. But please understand that shipment cost is excepted.
  • Yes. We welcome to provide drawings or samples for customization.
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