75mm rubber suction cup with M8 screw

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● Colors/hardness/Shape customized available

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75mm Rubber Suction Cup

Suction cup is an object that uses the negative fluid pressure of air or water to adhere to nonporous surfaces, creating a partial vacuum, which is used for smooth, non-porous, solid surfaces such as wall, tiles, stainless steel and glass etc.

75mm Rubber Suction Cup Images


◆ Suction Cups for convenient using

◆ Strong loading capability, can hold 15KG weight

◆ Removable, no damage, no mark

Customization Option

◆ Structure and size: Welcome to provide your drawings or samples for customization

◆ Material: Custom materials available, tell us the application and we can recommend the appropriate material.

◆ Color: Black, Transparent, Red, Green, or any color according to Pantone code

◆ Hardness: 20 ~ 85 Shore A

—What we good at

From design, prototyping, mold making, and mass production, Custom service is our specialty.

1. One-on-one personal custom service
2. Fastest Mold making in 1-3 days
3. Free custom samples for test
4. Fastest Mass production in 5 days only

All the custom parts are compliance with ISO9001:2008 and RoHS standards