Closed Blanking Oval Grommets for Cable

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Closed Blanking Oval Grommets

ETOL is the leading manufacturer of Closed Blanking Oval Grommets grommet.

Grommets with their inside diameter closed off with rubber membrane is a blind grommet . The grommets have a wide range of applications. They are designed to protect wires, cables hoses and anything else passing through from damage and vibration. There isn’t a hole inside the blind grommet. Wires are around through the outside hole.

Closed Blanking Oval Grommets Materials


◆ High temperature Silicone


◆ Nitrile


◆ Neoprene


◆ Custom various materials as per your request

Closed Grommet Types

◆ Round Grommet

◆ Oval/Oblong Grommet

◆ Rectangular Grommet

◆ Custom any special shapes

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